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It all started in 1991 as a partnership of two collectors who shared passion for world military souvenirs. With time we became serious about our hobby started going to guns and military shows, auctions, flea markets in search of new and unique items. We traveled around the world and met many more collectors who we became good friend with, learning, trading and working with

Over the years, as military world war item collectors, we have seen the world of antiques and the process of acquiring antiques and quality collectables go through major changes. Yet, Our presence and visibility on the Internet with our website is our way of meeting new people just like us and offering what we have come to love.

Now days we spend far more time, too much time actually, sitting in front of the computer reading your emails rather than sitting in the truck reading the map while on our way to the next auction, flea market / swap meet, antique show, junk shop, or house call. The road warrior days of antiquing though are very inefficient, largely becoming ineffective, and are almost obsolete as a viable means of acquiring quality antiques in today's world.

At the end just would like to say that most importand for us when buying unique military items is to have a piece of mind and feel absulutelly secured. Knowing that seller stands by his items with unconditional life time money back is part of equation. The other is to have Every single item bought backed up by 100% lifetime money back guarantee. We like that and that is what we offer here! Check it out for yourself. As always should you have any question please contact us by clicking here

Russian Military Rare
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